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A 1.1 Level Course

This is for complete beginners, self-learners or students who have started already to learn German but would like to deepen their knowledge and completely understand basic grammar.  

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A 1.2 Level Course

You already know the basics, have finished your first textbook or first German classes. You know how to make sentences in the perfect present tense. Then this course is your next step in finishing your A1 level and being ready for the exam. 

A 2.1 Level Course

For intermediate learners or students who have already finished A1 Level (successfully passed Goethe or Telc exam) and want to continue their journey to Germany and reach B1 level in no time. Or students who need to review A2 in a short time. 

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Each course will cover ALL the grammar and vocabulary you need for the specific level.

No additional material needed! 

Video Course

Comprehensive but very easy to follow short videos with extensive grammar explanations. 

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No need to buy additional material. Textbook & workbook provided. 


Grammar and Vocabulary eBooks to follow along with the content of the course. 


Understand German grammar! 


Focus on the relevant vocabulary!


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Get to know us!

You will find here lots of German content for any level. 







Get to know us!

You will find here lots of German content for any level.




About Your Instructors


Hi, we are Johannes und Luzi. Passionate German DaF teachers with over 20 years experience. 


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What our students say:

Sarah-Louise S. 

"Luzi and Johannes have done a fantastic job on this course. Their hard work certainly shows through in this course and all of their work. They really do have the passion to show that german is fun to learn. I will be forever grateful to them for my progress. Herzlichen Dank"

Pedro P. 

"Having only 2 months to prepare to move to Germany, learning the language seemed like an impossible task. Now that I look back, I know that with the right material and right motivation, it is actually possible! I certainly found both in this course. Easy and fun."

Bronwyn C. 

"How wonderful that Luzi and Johannes have released their popular online videos as a comprehensive course, taking the learner on a logical, clear and learner-friendly journey from A1 and beyond. 

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