90% of German learners do this wrong!

a2.1 grammar

In this German lesson you will learn all about the sentence structure for a German subordinate clause "Nebensatz". Where you need to place specific words. Specially the conjugated verb at the wrong place is a very common mistake German learners do. After over 10 years of teaching German as a foreign language I daily come across this mistake. Regardless of the level of the student. So please, prove me wrong and let me know in the comments if you don't do any mistakes in those for situations: 😊
German subordinate clause in:
- present tense
- perfect tense
- with modal verbs
- with separable verbs
Using conjunctions such as "weil" are super useful when it comes to make real life German sentences and more importantly practicing to speak German in longer, more common used sentences. Giving a reason why yo did, buy or search for something. But the German conjunction "weil" requires a "Nebensatz" (subordinate clause), which has its own rules for different situations. And exactly those rules will be explained in this video.