When to use erst & schon in German | Emphasize time

a2.2 vocabulary

In German when we talk about time we often use the words "erst" and "schon" to emphasize if something is late / early or if you still have a lot of time or only a little. At the end it all comes down to perception. Something might be early for you, but for another person it is late. And this is also a reason why it seems very hard to use for German language learners.

The adverb "schon" (already) is used in the same way like in other languages as well. But the problem is the other adverb "erst", which has not only a lot of different translations, but is used in German in a very unique way. Not easy to explain, but hopefully this video will help you to understand the usage of erst & schon a bit better. And in the bonus tip at the end you get to know the difference between "nur" and "erst".