"Modalpartikeln": How to sound more German!

b1.2 vocabulary

In German we have those so called "Modalpartikeln" which are these small words you will hear all the time when we talk. But what do they actually mean? They can change the meaning of the entire sentence and express feelings, emphasize intentions, show approval or disapproval and reinforce or weaken you statements. So you can see they are quite versatile and unfortunately also usually have more than just 1 meaning. Since most other languages do not have "Modalpartikeln" they are also quite difficult and sometimes even impossible to translate. In this video you can learn about the Top 10 German Modalpartikeln. How and when they can be used along with lots of example sentences. Keep in mind that you do need to be able to use them until B2/C1 level. But understanding their meanings will help you a lot in improving your German listening skills. And if you can include them in your talking, you will definitely sound more German! 😊💪💪